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About Me

Thanks to the WHV (Working Holiday Visa 2012), I lived and travelled  in Canada for few months: Montréal, Québec, Gaspésie, Toronto, and Ottawa. Before coming back to Belgium, I travelled through the American East Coast a few weeks, from the top to the bottom: Boston, New- York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC.


I had the opportunity to show my work during exhibitions that I organized. America is a country that still fascinates me.


Since this experience, I've never stopped connecting the photography pleasure to the passion of travelling.


In November 2016, I started alone a road trip in New Zealand for one month; and I passed through Hong- Kong for one day.


In November 2017, I made a road-trip in Australia for one month. I started my journey from Melbourne to Sydney and the Red Center.


Scotland, Spain, Açores, Ireland, Italia, etc. Traveling is an integral part of my life. I constantly need to explore what is happening somewhere else. I am motivated by a natural curiosity.

My goal is to take a raw photography without artifices, without modifications, without alterations. I want to reach the reality in its simplicity.

I use to show you my work in its simplest form. 

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